Audax Group is a leading capital partner to middle market companies. Margulies Perruzzi was brought onboard to provide design services for their office expansion at 101 Huntington Ave. This phased, occupied project included renovating 22,000 SF on the 22nd floor. An interconnecting stair was extended down to the 22nd floor to unite the new space with the rest of the existing office. The program includes a glass framed kitchenette and lounge, open area workstations, several perimeter offices, and a training room.

Photography by Elisif Photography.

Longfellow Investment Management (LIM) is an investment management firm and certified Women’s Business Enterprise assisting institutional clients, family offices, and high net worth individuals in navigating market volatility by providing customized investment solutions.

Margulies Perruzzi was brought on for the first phase of their project, which included renovating their existing office, and later for the second phase for their expansion space. The overall goal of the design of this space was to create a welcoming environment for staff and visitors. Even though the design was cost-conscious, the space still needed to be impactful, which was accomplished by incorporating interesting design elements throughout.

While the existing office space includes a main pantry, the entry to the expansion space also incorporates a smaller kitchenette highlighted with a graphic wall covering that adds a point of interest to draw staff into the expansion space.

LIM’s new space includes open office neighborhoods, conference rooms, huddle rooms, and select offices, promoting collaboration amongst staff.

Photography by Elisif Photography.

Retail financial services has undergone a complete transformation with the advent of digital customer access. Following the universal adoption of ATMs and then mobile apps, banks have all searched for the best way to maintain customer relationships, broaden their offerings, and enhance their connectivity to their customers. Branch banks have evolved into 3-D marketing tools, helping express each institution’s unique value proposition and culture.

As architects and designers, our task is to discover the best way to express each bank’s personality in a way that distinguishes it from the competition. Some tout their innovative technology, some their community involvement, others their unique financial instruments. Working hand-in-hand with marketing, HR, real estate/facilities, IT, and retail services we create environments that speak to the customers even in a highly volatile retail world.

MP provided design services for investment management company Boston Trust Walden’s new office space in Boston’s One Beacon building.

Boston Trust Walden prioritized downsized offices, access to daylight for workstations, and collaboration and socialization. To achieve these goals, MP designed perimeter offices with full glass fronts to bring light into the space’s interior. MP created an employee hub to serve as the core collaboration area. Featuring a coffee bar, pantry, and a variety of seating options, the space encourages spontaneous collaboration. A client area located adjacent to the hub boasts four conference rooms of various sizes.

A unique feature of the space is the trading area. Located in the interior of the space, it was designed to have a direct sight line to the stunning view outside.

MP selected natural tones mixed with brighter colors to create a welcoming environment for visitors and staff. Materials were selected that aligned with the firm’s focus on social and environmental responsibility, ensuring products used met this high standard.


This project is certified LEED-Gold.

MP helped to relocate and consolidate our client’s headquarters from two existing locations to a new tower in Boston totaling over 400,000 SF on 15 floors. An extension of their move towards more open workstations, private offices are designed with all-glass fronts to increase visibility and promote interaction.

Observing that clients and visitors could be better accommodated in the new space, MP transformed the entire 31st floor into a main reception and conference center. Initially skeptical that this arrangement would result in a deserted floor, the client has been pleased by the success of the space, its continual activity and use, and most importantly the increase in meetings it has spurred.

The addition of highly equipped conference and meeting rooms in the space allows Boston staff members to easily communicate with their colleagues worldwide.

A new trading floor for the fixed-income trading group sits on a full raised floor which accommodates the extensive cabling required to power it.

The A/V requirements to support these areas was high. An operations room maintains support to the many specialized spaces like the conference floor. And the Information Technology backbone is supported by two stand-by generators along with a UPS system.

The integration of an extensive art collection was a consideration throughout the design. The desire to create maximum openness in order to take advantage of views was balanced carefully against providing appropriate wall space for hanging and viewing art.

Having outgrown their previous space, The Berkshire Group relocated to a new floor within One Beacon Street. MP was able to take advantage of the empty floor as a blank slate for creating a new, updated design approach. Previously, employees at Berkshire had been separated from each other with high wall cubicles and enclosed offices. MP created a more open office that encouraged people to intermingle and gather. The new office is clean, sophisticated, and streamlined – reflective of the types of spaces they provide their own clients.

From the entry off the elevators, guests can look directly through the reception area and a large conference room to the dramatic exterior views. The glass fronts of the conference rooms and study adjacent to reception create bright and open interior guest spaces. The staff’s focal point is a corner Club Room with views to the North End and Cambridge. Meeting spaces are scattered around the floor to provide different options, including more formal conference rooms.

The final design incorporated lining the perimeter with all-glass office fronts to maximize natural lighting. Shorter wall partitions topped with glass fins open up the space while still providing full seated privacy. Gray tones throughout the space were accented with cherry wood veneer and splashes of deeply saturated accent colors.

Margulies Perruzzi helped this confidential client relocate from its Cambridge office to downtown Boston to accommodate its growing team.

To support the firm’s mission statement of serving non-profit clients, it was important for the design to focus on the people within it, as opposed to the space itself. Additionally, the firm wanted their space to relate to its headquarters in Pennsylvania, yet retain a “Boston” feel. To meet both needs, a light, neutral palette serves as an elegant backdrop, with cool tones evoking the nearby waterfront.

Offices and conference spaces are lined with glass, letting daylight fill the space. The glass enhances transparency and connections between different workspaces. A custom, hybrid ceiling design presents clean, minimal lines while still providing even illumination for the workspaces.

After helping design SCS’s previous office several years ago, MP helped this leading wealth and investment management firm update the aesthetic in their new location to reflect the firm’s evolving identity.

Views and light were important to SCS, coming from a brick building with minimal natural light. MP’s design used plentiful glass and open sight lines to create a bright, dynamic, energizing space for its employees. The reception area was strategically positioned to take advantage of the new Prudential Center building’s striking views across Boylston Street.

To support the firm’s dedication to family wealth management, MP selected finishes that were elegant, yet classically understated. The firm’s signature blue provides a striking accent to light greys and warm wood tones. Playful cubical light fixtures in the reception area and elevator lobby are complemented by a textured concrete pattern throughout the elevator lobby, creating a striking and memorable entrance experience.