Milford Regional Medical Center recently opened their new special care nursery to accommodate the rise in the number of neonatal abstinence syndrome infants in the community. The new state-of-the-art nursery offers six special care private bays, an adjacent well baby nursery, and a central nurses work area. The private patient bays have ample room for parents and staff.

MP provided design services for the relocation of a vascular suite for Brigham & Women’s main campus. Taking the place of an existing endoscopy space, MP designed the new vascular suite to provide a comfortable and calming environment upon entering.

The suite utilizes the client’s main standards while subtly incorporating new elements to provide a modern, updated look. Bright standards and cool tones of pink reinforce the feel of a calming environment. Additionally, linear and perimeter light around the core of the suite provides lighting comfortable for patients in stretchers. The walls feature bumper rails protecting walls from stretchers and other mobile medical equipment. A skew pattern on the floor provides aesthetic interest and visual separation for walking pathways and storage.

The reception area serves as a portal for patients, featuring self-services, ample seating, and a striking selection of lighting to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere for patients and providers alike.
The program includes two holding bays, five exam/ultrasound rooms and staff support spaces.

Southern Maine Healthcare, in partnership with Maine Behavioral Healthcare, is expanding access to behavioral healthcare services in Sanford, Maine with a new 5-bed emergency department acute psychiatric (EDAP) suite and 38 new inpatient behavioral healthcare beds, distributed on two inpatient floors.

The EDAP is designed around a small commons for patient access to communal spaces other than their patient room within the protective confines of the suite. The staff nurse station and security use the existing geometry of the building to provide clear sight lines within the suite. The program includes peer counseling for crisis management and the new EDAP will provide a first step in the behavioral health admissions process to the inpatient floors where patients can be safely evaluated.

The inpatient floors are designed around the community space and individual therapy rooms, including those for group therapy, quiet activities, and a new roof terrace on the first floor. The new units are secured with access through an interlocking sally port. Patients are provided with individual bathrooms, and anti-ligature design has been provided throughout the patient occupied areas. Art that highlights nature is incorporated at a variety of seating areas throughout the unit to bring nature inside the building. Seclusion rooms have been provided at both units but other spaces such as comfort rooms are being utilized to de-escalate patients before they need to be restrained.

The units also incorporate new highly efficient anti-ligature chilled beams to heat and cool the new floors, utilizing existing duct work to maintain existing ceiling heights, and removing the prior fan coil units at the perimeter windows. The project has also re-used the existing plumbing chases and wet walls to reduce cost and minimize impact of the construction on the operating rooms below.


Altro Flooring Award


This project utilized Lean planning practices.

This endoscopy renovation project at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center included the relocation and expansion of the endoscopy department within the hospital. The new center totals approximately 14,000 SF and includes nine endoscopy procedure rooms, 23 prep and recovery bays, and a new scope processing system.

Two of the procedure rooms are designed for advanced procedures and include fixed fluoroscopic Imaging equipment. This design is one of the first in the country and the second largest installation in the world of scope pass through washing and drying cabinets which greatly reduces the risks of cross contamination and improved digital tracking throughout every step of the scopes use and reprocessing.

The project also included a cost-effective approach to repositioning the building’s façade to create a dedicated entrance for endoscopy patients and greatly improved the workflows for staff efficiency and improved patient experiences.

Winchester Hospital’s Breast Care Center relocated to 12,000 SF on the third floor in 200 Unicorn Park building which MP had renovated into a medical office building. Patients at Winchester Hospital’s Breast Care Center receive high quality, state-of-the-art comprehensive breast care from a multidisciplinary healthcare team.

MP was tasked to design a comfortable and attractive space while maintaining high patient satisfaction ratings. Our collaborative design approach incorporated 15 stakeholders made up of doctors, nurses, administrators, and facilities staff representing the center’s varied services. LEAN strategies were incorporated from the very beginning to outline complex patient flows and develop a design that minimized travel and patient wait times. MP utilized the LEAN design methodology of DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify) to understand Winchester Hospital’s current processes and to develop future solutions.

MP also incorporated evidence-based design strategies by creating mockup sessions. Using one of the existing treatment rooms as a testing environment for national benchmarking trends helps clinical staff envision what the space will be like (instead of looking at floor plans on paper).

Margulies Perruzzi designed the 10,000 square foot New England Scope center for Reliant Medical Group (formerly Fallon Clinic). The outpatient endoscopic center includes four procedure rooms with recovery areas, patient prep areas, waiting areas, and exam and consult rooms.

Formerly an open warehouse, the largely windowless building was transformed into a welcoming, comfortable outpatient services facility. The project team created a new building from the existing structure, reusing only the slab and steel frame to create the new exterior and interior design.

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital’s 6,000 square foot addition in Cape Cod includes two new physician exam/treatment rooms and eight new outpatient therapy rooms. A patient/family resource room was created, and a new multi-purpose room on the first floor will be used for wellness and education programs and community-based support groups.

MP redesigned the front entrance and expanded the lobby, registration, and waiting areas to improve workflow, enhance accessibility for patients with mobility impairments, and provide private spaces for registration. The expansion and renovation of the hospital was a complex, multi-phase project that required careful coordination among the clinical staff, design team, and contractors. Phased over ten months, MP worked closely with construction manager Columbia Construction to sequence construction work, permitting the hospital to maintain normal operations without impacting inpatient and outpatient care.