Driven by eminent domain requirements within the Village of Brookline, this project required the relocation of the senior administration and administrative support services of Brigham & Women’s physician organization to Needham. The new space enabled BWPO to also consolidate staff from three different locations into one centralized office. This included the call center group, which was accommodated into the plan. A training center was provided at the heart of the project with the flexibility to configure it as a large classroom or two smaller classrooms. The program also introduced a multipurpose collaboration hub that could function for impromptu team meetings, staff meetings, and as a location for catered events.

MP developed a new workplace strategy to accommodate a 30% growth in the department since their administrative space was designed. The team evaluated each individual program element for utilization and the requirement of proximity to the surgery department. This information informed the new space program that relocated complex and intensive tasks, creating a short term touchdown space for the anesthesiologists and a café lounge that can function as a multipurpose room for large presentations.

A key departure from typical healthcare interior was the introduction of a glass corridor wall to allow for the transfer of natural light into the staff corridor. The project also allowed the department to create a dedicated education center and simulation lab.

The Smith Center provide offices for clinicians for their clinical research. Located in the heart of the Longwood Medical Area, it is convenient for BIDMC’s main campus and their patients, while also providing a touch down space for research assistants who split time between the hospital and the Smith Center. The lobby and entryway provide a unique branding opportunity for the Smith Center, while the overall space provides flexible collaboration areas for research staff.