The Berkshire Group - Margulies Perruzzi

The Berkshire Group

Berkshire's new workspace is as clean, sophisticated, & streamlined as the spaces they provide their own clients.

Having outgrown their previous space’s capacity, Berkshire looked to relocate to a new floor within One Beacon Street. MPA was able to use an empty floor as a blank slate for creating a new, updated design approach. Previously, employees at Berkshire had been separated from each other with high wall cubicles and enclosed offices; MPA created a more open office that encouraged people to intermingle and gather. The new office is clean, sophisticated, and streamlined – reflective of the types of spaces they provide their own clients.

From the entry off the elevators, guests can look directly through the reception area and a large conference room to the dramatic exterior views. The glass fronts of the conference rooms and study adjacent to reception create light, open interior guest spaces. The staff’s focal point is a corner Club Room with views to the North End and Cambridge. Mmeeting spaces are scattered around the floor to provide different options, including more formal conference rooms.>/p>

The final design incorporated offices lining most of the perimeter with all-glass office fronts to maximize natural light in the space. Shorter wall partitions topped with glass fins open up the space while still providing full seated privacy. Gray tones throughout the space were accented with wheat cherry wood veneer and splashes of deeply saturated accent colors.