The Surgery Center of Southwest Ohio

Extensive renovations to an existing two-story building for a new ambulatory surgery center.


Moraine, OH

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About this Project

The Ambulatory Surgery Center of Southwest Ohio is located in an existing two-story building that has undergone extensive renovations. The Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is located on the first floor and medical offices are on the second floor. The 13,400 SF ASC includes four operating rooms with the ability to add a fifth, laser procedure room, patient prep and recovery, central sterile processing, and support spaces.

With 16 patient prep and recovery bays and two screening/consultation rooms, the ASC is able to move patients into the clinical areas efficiently and minimize time in the waiting room. The patient prep and recovery bays have side panels for privacy and infection control and are used for patient dressing to reduce the number of areas that the patient encounters during their stay. Three enclosed recovery bays are provided for negative pressure, extended stay, and pediatric patients. One of the rooms is designed to double as a laser procedure room.

The ASC is designed for one-way patient travel. Patients check in by phone or online and wait until they are instructed to enter; they are then escorted directly to a patient bay where they are gowned, prepped, and vital signs are taken. The prep and recovery suite has separate doors to and from the semi-restricted OR corridor. The suite is designed with separate prep and recovery zones that can flex to accommodate the demand. A separate patient discharge exit is provided in recovery so that patients do not have to pass through the prep and waiting areas to leave the ASC after surgery.

The ASC renovation included all new infrastructure upgrades, including new air handling units with HEPA filtration and humidity controls.

Photography by Josh Beeman Photography