Robinson+Cole - Margulies Perruzzi


This bright, modern conference floor presents a fresh face to the firm's clients and guests.

After designing Robinson+Cole’s 40,000 s.f. space in 1997, MPA was once again retained to renovate their space at One Boston Place. Previously consisting of offices and conference rooms, MPA transformed their space on the 26th floor into the main reception area as well as a conference center, which will accommodate larger, more public gatherings to drive business to Robinson+Cole.

MPA also refreshed the space design on the 25th floor to give it a more updated aesthetic, representing the firm’s growth and change in brand and culture.

Due to advances in technology, there was a significant reduction in the firm’s law library, since most information sourcing is now performed online. That extra space was transformed into a collaboration area.

The main conference room was planned to be very large to accommodate corporate document review and signings and other large-team events; the room can be flexibly split into two ten-person meeting spaces when the full-sized space is not required.