PTC - Margulies Perruzzi


This cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) firm is relocating to the Seaport and needed innovative workplace tech!

When cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) software company PTC was ready to move their global headquarters from Needham to the Seaport district of Boston, they turned to MPA to design a workspace that was as innovative as they are.

PTC’s transformational and technology-rich new workplace is a key part of its business transformation. The new headquarters will enhance PTC’s ability to attract and retain the talent required to maintain the company’s technology leadership position and will serve as a premier destination for visitors seeking to experience PTC technologies hands-on. As part of the design of a new physical work environment, PTC recognized the opportunity to meld its role as an innovator in software for product design, IoT, and Augmented Reality (AR) to make its headquarters a global model for excellence in the use of workplace technology.