Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center

A neighborhood clinic design to provide medical care, with a focus on integrating behavioral health, nutrition, and a stigma free food pantry.


Dorchester, MA

Project Size

25,000 SF

About this Project

Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center is programming and designing a new 25,000 SF clinic that incorporates future flexibility for pandemic response and community access aspects that address social determinants of health.

The pandemic resiliency design begins with site planning ideas from COVID testing sites to allow temporary outdoor space to be used to address the specific needs of future health crises. The mechanical systems are being evaluated to adapt to different situations to be able to isolate areas of the building and increase air changes to clinical spaces to remove airborne contagions. Program changes to allow for triage of visitors at the building entrance and the ability to provide features to accommodate more acute levels of patients in emergency conditions are also influencing the design.

The clinical programs place primary care at the center of the patient experience, while integrating behavioral health, Ob/Gyn, and dental care into a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness. The project expands the social programs available to patients by creating a stigma-free food pantry, an education center to address chronic conditions and a teaching kitchen to provide classes on nutrition and wellness.