Hallmark Health

A multiphase renovation to expand storage capacity of Melrose-Wakefield Central Sterile Processing.


Melrose, MA

Project Size

6,100 SF

About this Project

Lean Design

This project utilized LEAN planning practices.

A multiphase renovation to expand storage capacity of central sterile processing (CSP). The project included modernizing the existing cart and utensil washers and providing new air handling unit dedicated to the CSP to maintain key pressure differentials between soiled and clean operations within the department.

The project benefited from a LEAN 3P and prototyping process that allowed the team to identify the smallest workable area for each step in the process, allowing the team to maximize the area available for renovations in each phase of construction. It also identified the root cause of the throughput issues which were originally thought to be the washers. It was determined that out-of-sequence work was the root cause for throughput volumes and shortages in supplies. This was addressed with a visual storage solution allowing staff to identify shortages quickly in the visual inventory wall. The LEAN process also streamlined the soiled washroom operations, providing both redundancy and new capacity to accommodate a growing surgical program.

The multiphase project extended between two 1970’s-era buildings and was located in the basement level below diagnostic imaging. Cost was a key concern and the team evaluated multiple options, including a temporary CSP trailer configuration before deciding that renovating in-place was the most cost effective for the client.