Forrester Research

This award-winning 100%-open-office workplace bursts with personality and fosters a strong sense of community.


Cambridge, MA

Project Size

186,000 SF

About this Project


This project is certified LEED-Platinum.

Ten years after MP provided design services for Forrester’s 120,000 square foot headquarters in Cambridge, MA, their lease was expiring as they required more space. MP designed a new workplace strategy and assisted in selecting a new site for the company to continue its growth. Ultimately, the decision was made to move to a “build-to-suit” location where they could customize a six-story, 186,000 square foot building to accommodate their needs.

Forrester has a unique culture: there is not a single private office in the entire company. Everyone works in open “pods”: communities of low, flexible workstations defined by the placement of “team rooms” and other community spaces. All conference rooms are named for Rock ‘n Roll stars, with all floors themed by decade. Significant emphasis is placed on ready access to video conferencing and other audio-visual resources, as everyone works on a laptop and work is done wherever it is most efficiently accomplished – not just at the individual’s desk.

Forrester Research’s personality pervades the space. MP created a dramatic staircase and reception atrium to support Forrester’s goal of promoting a collaborative and enlivened atmosphere.