Dassault Systèmes

Previously spread across two buildings, this new, open workspace let collaboration and creativity blossom.


Johnston, RI

Project Size

120,000 SF

About this Project


This project is certified LEED-Gold.

MP provided a new work environment for this multinational software company that better aligned their workspace with its European design standards. Moving from the original location – spread across two buildings – to three floors in a single building, Dassault sought to increase collaboration between departments. To support this, MP created multiple space types, including open collaborative spaces with whiteboard surfaces, several small meeting rooms for more formal discussions, and a central café space that doubles as an employee hub and overflow conference space.

The open work areas are arranged in “neighborhoods” composed of multiple workstation types arranged in clusters of four to six. High wall elements flank each open office area to establish smaller, more intimate work areas and offer a variety of support areas, such as two-person enclosed meeting rooms, each with dual monitors and whiteboards, and high open storage/whiteboarding elements.

All private offices and enclosed meeting spaces are located on the interior of the building. Combined with lower workstation panels and frosted glass dividers, the design lets natural light fill the space.