Confidential Global Financial Services Firm

Designed with open workstations and glass front private offices to increase visibility and promote interaction.


Boston, MA

Project Size

400,000 SF

About this Project


This project is certified LEED-Gold.

MP helped to relocate and consolidate our client’s headquarters from two existing locations to a new tower in Boston totaling over 400,000 SF on 15 floors. An extension of their move towards more open workstations, private offices are designed with all-glass fronts to increase visibility and promote interaction.

Observing that clients and visitors could be better accommodated in the new space, MP transformed the entire 31st floor into a main reception and conference center. Initially skeptical that this arrangement would result in a deserted floor, the client has been pleased by the success of the space, its continual activity and use, and most importantly the increase in meetings it has spurred.

The addition of highly equipped conference and meeting rooms in the space allows Boston staff members to easily communicate with their colleagues worldwide.

A new trading floor for the fixed-income trading group sits on a full raised floor which accommodates the extensive cabling required to power it.

The A/V requirements to support these areas was high. An operations room maintains support to the many specialized spaces like the conference floor. And the Information Technology backbone is supported by two stand-by generators along with a UPS system.

The integration of an extensive art collection was a consideration throughout the design. The desire to create maximum openness in order to take advantage of views was balanced carefully against providing appropriate wall space for hanging and viewing art.