Boston Scientific Urology Labs

Matching innovative environments to innovative research


Marlborough, MA

Project Size

100,000 SF

About this Project

As a part of the renovation and expansion of Boston Scientific’s Global Headquarters, the Urology division’s R&D labs and office space underwent a complete transformation. Consolidating multiple labs that over time had become scattered throughout the building, the new state-of-the art labs are flexible, efficient, and adjacent to the researcher’s workspaces. Transparency into the labs facilitates monitoring and interaction between personnel while also allowing natural light to brighten spaces that had previously felt cut off from the exterior.

An important tenet of the design was the flexible infrastructure. Universal lighting, access to power and gasses, and mobile benches allow researchers to quickly and easily reconfigure as needed. This more “agile” approach to R&D increases innovation and productivity by removing the barriers fixed layouts may present, and by facilitating the sharing of expensive equipment to reduce duplication.