Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Hingham

An award-winning, 329,000-square-foot facility nestled in a beautiful wooded site.


Hingham, MA

Project Size

329,000 SF

About this Project


This project is certified LEED-Silver

Having previously provided design services for the approximately 329,000 SF Blue Cross Blue Shield Hingham headquarters in 2007, Margulies Perruzzi was again engaged to provide several renovations to the facility for this long standing client. Renovations included a new conference center, open office spaces, cafe, and a variety of lounge/amenity areas.

The 10,000 SF conference center is comprised of four separate conferences rooms separated by contractable wall partitions, giving flexibility to users to create a variety of different sized conference rooms. Adjacent to the conference area is a lounge/cafe space, providing a conviently located space for collaboration and conference reception. Additionally, outside the conference center is an outdoor patio area, providing additional gathering space.

Branding was incorporated throughout to create custom moments as you walk through the spaces and tie in the new with the existing spaces. The open office spaces provides strategic neighborhoods of workstations, increasing communication and collaboration amongst staff. Adjacent to the open office is a stunning lounge area located in a tower overlooking the Hingham campus. This area provides a space for informal gatherings and respite for staff, as well as a large area for formal gatherings and office events.