BIDMC Loading Dock

A renovation relocating bulk oxygen storage, interim materials management, and loading dock for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s West Campus to the Libby Building.


Boston, MA

Project Size

10,000 SF

About this Project

The Libby loading dock project relocated the existing materials management for BIDMC’s West Campus to the existing Libby Building to free up the site for the hospital’s new inpatient building. The project created two full tractor trailer loading bays and a third bay for smaller delivery trucks. The project added a large freight elevator and modernized the existing freight elevator so that materials can be received at the Libby building and distributed via the existing tunnel system to West Campus. The program included clean and soiled linen, red bag waste, trash, and recycling. Staging areas were a critical component of the project as demand shifted from incoming supplies during the early morning hours to carts and supplies leaving campus at the end of the day.

The project permanently relocated the bulk oxygen storage farm and new oxygen distribution to the West Campus including new connections for the future inpatient building. The siting and layout for the dock combined with the restrictions and limitations on the oxygen tanks provided for a very tight layout. Extensive coordination of vendors and suppliers was required to confirm site planning logistics for the tractor trailer and oxygen supply trucks servicing the hospital.