The Working Nomad: All the Work without the Desk

The Working Nomad: All the Work without the Desk

-By Joe Flynn

I recently attended an IFMA Boston panel discussion on Mobility.  The panelists were; Kate Thibeault, VP Governance, Policy and Process Optimization, Global Property, Pearson; Melodee Wagen, President, Workspace Strategies, Inc.; and Jessie Wigfall, Senior Manager, Design & Construction Operations, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“Engagement” – All parties agreed that the greatest benefit of instituting a mobility program was the immediate boost in employee engagement. They shared that creating a flexible work program has a profoundly positive impact on most employees.

They shared the following lessons learned:

  • There must be senior leadership advocacy before initiating any mobility policy.
  • A solid partnership between facilities, HR and IT is critical for any launch to be successful.
  • In order to present a case for mobility, it is essential that the justification extend beyond the topic of cost savings and include the potential boost to employee performance and moral.
  • It is necessary to engage both Change Management and Employee Engagement consultants to support the process before, during and after.
  • Select one department as the “guinea pig”, ideally one that supports mobility. Track the metrics of their performance and satisfaction.
  • It is ill advised to assume that significant real estate savings will be realized. She cautioned that existing spaces should be reimagined as more fluid, open and collaborative.