Kelsey E. Bridge

Kelsey E. Bridge

Project Designer

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Kelsey is an enthusiastic and dedicated part of MP’s Healthcare design practice. She brings strong Revit and BIM skills to the team, working on every phase of projects, and enjoys the challenges associated with the reconfiguring of spaces. Kelsey has worked on a variety of studio projects, most notably as part of the PTC design team. She helped streamline complicated geometries of the base building into MP’s innovative design for PTC enabling flexibility in the workplace.

If you recognize her face, perhaps you saw her participate as a designer and model in years’ worth of IIDA Fashion shows, working with vendors to use their products to create wearable art. If the wind is good, you will find Kelsey swapping her floor plans for sailing charts, sailing the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire as a certified Level 1 Sailing Instructor, or a sailing instructor at Community Boating on the Charles River, Boston.