Margulies Perruzzi Architects Introduces Video Series on Designing for Successful Work Environments

Margulies Perruzzi Architects Introduces Video Series on Designing for Successful Work Environments

Workplace strategy research and video series available on

BOSTON – September 12, 2017 – Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA), one of New England’s most innovative architectural and interior design firms, today released a series of videos aimed at helping businesses utilize their workplace as a tool to become more successful. The five-part video series outlines the business and workplace transformation drivers that help create a productive and inspiring workplace , now, and for the future. MPA’s video series and research is available online at:

The workplace is an important physical asset that is fundamental in helping businesses achieve their goals. There is a clear business objective to creating a work environment that inspires, motivates, and connects employees, and it is important for employees to see a company’s mission, values, and culture conveyed in their physical space. While the design solution will vary by industry and company, research shows that there are common goals. There are three core strategies, which are covered in detail in the videos, for making the workplace an effective tool for any business that considers people to be their primary asset:

-Inspire creativity with collaboration and technology, support for mobile work, and creation of quiet space;
-Attract and retain talent by creating community, supporting social interaction, and promoting wellness; and
-Enhance mission engagement by crafting an image and increasing brand awareness.

MPA’s workplace strategy research has shown that there are specific design solutions that help a company express its culture, industry, and leadership while producing quantifiable contributions to the bottom line. Further, the key to creating a high performing workspace is to provide an environment that supports business objectives and prepares for evolving workplace trends. The workplace that a company designs today must support the workforce of the future. MPA’s video series closes with insight on four major topics that companies should consider as they plan real estate solutions for the future.

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