Join Us - Margulies Perruzzi

Margulies Perruzzi has a welcoming atmosphere with a friendliness and collegiality firm-wide, across generations. Our corporate culture is inclusive, energetic and collegial, built on respect for people’s professional contributions. Margulies Perruzzi creates opportunities for individual contributions and respects and values the individual perspectives that team members bring to the table. The firm’s leadership is recognized for their ability to holistically support team members. Margulies Perruzzi also has fun! We laugh and enjoy our time together inside and outside the office.

  • Who we are

    • 50+ employees
    • 52 SNACK gatherings per year
    • Extremely low staff turnover
  • Why work at MPA

    • Creative and FUN team
    • Diverse range of projects
    • Award winning designs
    • Collaborative nature
    • Latest technology focused
    • Passionate about community

From left to right

  1. Our team is highly collaborative, and values individual contributions from all backgrounds and levels. Photo by Frank Monkiewicz.
  2. We have frequent lunch-and-learns and product showcase events in-house; pictured, our interiors group examining some new product lines. Photo by Frank Monkiewicz.
  3. Our office is located in the Fort Point neighborhood of downtown Boston - a view we enjoy from our roofdeck all spring, summer, and fall! Photo by Frank Monkiewicz.
  4. Our work covers a diverse range of fun, exciting, innovative projects in the Workplace, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Sciences studios. Photo by Frank Monkiewicz.