Is Your Building Wired Certified?

Is Your Building Wired Certified?

-By Tim Bailey

Wired certification is a new trend in the marketplace….

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“Without reliable internet, businesses cannot function. Tenant-focused commercial real estate landlords pursue Wired Certification so current and future tenants can rest assured that they are paying for future-proofed, business-ready office space. Wired Certification provides crucial insight into connectivity as telecom requirements for tenants become more complex.”-

Want your building to be certified?

“Work with us to implement best practices to ensure the design and construction of your building meets the connectivity needs of the commercial tenants of the future. Buildings can achieve Wired Certification during the planning, engineering, construction, or early occupation stages of the development process. Owners and developers can promote their Wired Certification achievement across all marketing and PR channels as soon as the building rating has been awarded.”-

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