Workplace Strategy - Margulies Perruzzi

Our goal is to make your business more successful.

40% of workstations are occupied for less than half the time.

First, understand that people are your greatest asset. Your workplace is an environment where your greatest assets come together to invent, produce, create, and improve lives. This environment is a place of industriousness as much as it is a collegial, social setting where like-minded talents share knowledge and innovative thinking. Given how much time is spent in the workplace, workers need a setting that inspires and motivates. It’s a win/win since these settings lead to an increase in productivity.

8% of business' annual budget is typically spent on real estate costs; 80% is typically spent on its greatest assets: employees. (Boston Properties) 8% leveraging the 80%! While initial capital costs for designing and building the ideal workplace may be significant, the return on that investment is revealed through the company’s ability to succeed in their recruitment and retention efforts.

We have worked with countless companies to help them create the optimal work environment. One size absolutely does not fit all. While the solution road map will vary by industry and company, we at MP have learned that the design challenges remain constant. This series of design discussions further investigate these challenges and their solutions.

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